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June 18, 2011

Manga and Anime DVDs for Sale

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Prices start at roughly $5 a volume, but I will gladly give discounts the more you buy. Some are more expensive than others, just ask. :) Shipping wouldn’t be more than $5 unless you bought pretty much all of them.

Some of my manga is available on eBay HERE! I’m willing to split mixed-series lots but would prefer to sell single-series bundles as a set.

Popular/Well-Known Series:

Black Cat: 1-16 (MINUS 3 and 4), excellent condition for the later volumes, some of the earlier ones have wear. Insides good.
D.N. Angel: 1-9, 11. Very good condition considering the age of the books – some shelf wear, and the first volumes (up to about 4 or 5) have the top and bottom edges of the spines sealed with clear tape. Not visible unless you look very closely and it protects the spines from getting ragged like paperbacks do.
InuYasha: 1-6. Very good condition. Some minor shelf wear.
Fushigi Yugi: 1-8. Excellent condition. Volume 5 has a small dent on the back of the volume at the bottom edge. Seems to be a factory defect.
Venus Versus Virus: 1-4, like-new condition. volume 4 has a factory wrinkle on the bottom of the spine.
Paradise Kiss: 1-5 (complete!). Very good condition. Some wear at the top and bottom spine edges of a couple volumes. The tops only of the first three volumes are yellowed, with the first being the worst of the five.
Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei: 1-2. Like new condition.

Lesser-Known Series:

La Potrait de Petite Cossette: 1-2. (complete) Horror/psychological thriller manga. Painting comes to life and talks to lonely-ish 20-something guy. Disturbing in an awesome way. I love it but I’m too afraid to ever read it again. As such, the books are in like-new condition.
Gate Keepers: 1-2. High school students (mostly girls) can open interdimensional “gates” to draw power to fight extraterrestrial invaders. Plus, giant robots. I like the anime better, but the manga is different. Very good condition.

One-offs and single-volume entries:

Line (one-off): Super-creepy story about getting calls about impending deaths, and the decisions to try and save them or not. Some sticker residue on the back cover. Very good condition.

I-Doll (vol. 1): Four troublemaking students are punished by working together to form…a rock band? A little more dramatic than it sounds, actually. Like-new condition and the second volume is on Amazon.

Original English Language manga:

Japan Ai: (one-off) Like-new condition.
Fool’s Gold: 1-2. Very good condition.
Bad Kitty: Catnipped: 1. Very good condition.

Anime DVDs:

All of these have both dubbed and subbed versions on the discs.

Eureka 7, 1-2: volume 1 is like-new, volume 2 is still in the shrink-wrap and brand new.
.hack//sign: 1.
.hack//legend of the twilight: 1.
Chobits: 1. (missing the Chii mini-poster inside last I checked, sorry.)

I also have three of the Tokyopop translated Slayers novels (1-3) in great condition. I have some of the Full Metal Panic novels as well but I won’t part with those unless the price is right.

If you’re interested in any of these, email me at babelglyph@gmail.com – if you know someone who might be interested, have them email me too, or comment here. I’ll be putting things up on eBay sooner rather than later, but I can hold stuff if you’re not sure.


Dramacon: 2-3. Vol. 2 is very good, vol. 3 is like new condition.
Sorcerers & Secretaries: 1-2 (complete) Very good condition.
Megatokyo 1-5: Fair condition. Volume 5 is in better condition than otherwise.
Kamikaze Girls (one-off): The unlikely friendship of a frilly-dress-wearing Lolita girl and a motorcycle-riding girl gang member. Heartwarming and hilarious. Pages are yellowed, so it’s only in good condition.
Zombie Fairy (one-off): Boy brings antique coffin to TV show to get it appraised. Coffin contains 600-year-old corpse which then reanimates. Hilarity and magic fighting ensue. Like new condition.
Ultimate Venus: 1-2. High school girl is whisked into a world of society intrigue when her mother dies and her estranged (yet rich) grandmother steps in. The story of her transformation into A Lady, but also personal struggle etc. Also fairly comedic. Vol. 1 is like-new condition, vol. 2 has a crease on the cover but is in good condition overall.
Pearl Pink: 1-4. (complete) A super-cute story about a girl with a famous mother who falls in love with the son of her mom’s talent agent. There are a lot of interesting characters and twists that make this not always your typical shojo. The 4 volumes are in like-new condition.
Fall in Love Like a Comic: 1-2. (complete) Kind of cute story about a girl who is secretly a manga artist and falls in love. Typical fluffy shojo story, but it’s only two volumes, so it’s still cute. Like-new condition.
train_man: densha otoko: [VIZ edition by Hidenori Hara] 1-3 (complete). Good condition. Some shelf wear on volumes 1 and 2, and it seems to have been printed on rather cheap paper that has yellowed a little bit throughout the books.
Densha Otoko: [CMX edition by Hitori Nakano and Wataru Watanabe] 1-3 (complete). Like new condition.
Mammotte Shugogetten: 1-2, but omnibus editions, so really more like 1-4 or even 1-6. Strange harem story with various guardians mailed to a guy by his eccentric dad. The character interactions really make this one – it’s not nearly as cookie-cutter as other ones I’ve tried. Very good condition.

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